Questions from TOP Consulting to GÖK Consulting GmbH

Questions from TOP Consulting to GÖK Consulting GmbH

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Questions from TOP Consulting to GÖK Consulting GmbH

Date: June 24, 2022Messages

  1. You advise customers on KHZG. Where are the greatest challenges in digitization, where is the need for more action?

Hospitals in Germany are often still a long way from digital processes, and some believe that they apply for funding and then use the money to buy software, which they then call digitization. But it is much more about digital transformation based on a digital strategy derived from the corporate strategy, about new, better and higher-performing processes that need to be restructured across occupational groups and departments. Furthermore, the interaction of different players must be rethought across sectors. It is not for nothing that the KHZG has strongly emphasized the topic of “interoperability” in its various funding acts. All this leads to the fact that hospitals have to reposition themselves, so to speak, and in doing so GÖK supports its customers on the basis of a long-term joint implementation approach with competent teams on site, from process redesign and preparation of the IT introduction to subsidy management, agile project management and support of a cultural change process.

2. How is your business doing since 2020-21/Corona? Have there been any changes in consulting focus for GÖK? If so, what was it about and what does it mean for GÖK’s future?

Corona has advanced digitization and is thus, alongside KHZG, a “tailwind” in the digital transformation of the healthcare sector. This consulting focus has therefore been greatly expanded by us alongside the still important topics of strategy and medical strategy, implementation of cross-sector healthcare concepts, purchasing and logistics, and process and project management in general. We are in a growing market and are gearing up for it. Finding and retaining good employees who are eager to get involved in the consultant life with plenty of time on site with customers to effectively move things forward is an important challenge for us in order to continue to grow ourselves as well

Dr. Stefan Drauschke und Dipl. Ing. Ulrich Pieper

Berlin, June 2022

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