Financing hospital care 2020

Financing hospital care 2020

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Financing hospital care 2020

Berlin, Date: 7. April, 2020 – Publication

Structural opportunity and economic risk at the same time

With the fundamentally positive idea of the Nursing Staff Reinforcement Act to no longer finance hospital care via DRG lump-sum payments per case or additional fees, but to fully remunerate each individual hospital, some hospitals are faced with the prospective manageability of these conditions.

In addition to the further budget negotiations with cost units that are now pending, a nursing budget of €130 per day of full inpatient and €65 per day of partial inpatient occupancy will apply until both parties reach agreement in accordance with § 15 (2a) KHEntgG. If clinics have so far been above the temporary daily rates, this can lead to short-term liquidity bottlenecks.

As a result of the legislation, economic efficiencies that previously resulted from price or volume effects in the nursing service are no longer required. Clinics are therefore forced to increase the economic efficiency by combining the medical service portfolio with effective consumption control and efficient processes.
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