Interim management capacity

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Managers in hospital management are also changing their employer more and more quickly.

Clinics often need half a year or more to fill a management position with a suitable person.

Interim management offers more opportunities than bridging short-term vacancies.

Rather, it can be understood as an instrument of project management, for the development of know-how or for the improvement of structures or processes.

In addition to professional management consulting, gök Consulting also offers the temporary use of professional managers as interim managers on the first and second management levels. In addition to the individual competence of the interim manager, our customers also have access to the extensive range of advice from gök Consulting.

gök Consulting - Interim Management

The advantages of interim management are many:

  • Fast, flexible and needs-based reaction to bottleneck situations or delayed job vacancies to compensate for short-term vacancies.
  • Target & result-oriented order processing as well as high probability of target achievement despite the existing bottleneck.
  • Simple contractual relationships, due to short-term availability and manageable contract terms.
  • Corporate independence of the interim manager.
  • External know-how, in particular sound leadership experience.
  • Possibility to further develop the subordinate employees.
  • Additional consulting support - gök interim managers benefit from our more than 25 years of consulting practice in the healthcare sector.

Our references (selection)

  • Universitätsmedizin Halle - Commercial Director
  • Rostock University Medical Center - Head of IT and Head of Logistics
  • Paracelsus Kliniken - Head of Purchasing
  • Klinikum Augsburg - Head of Purchasing

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