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The book author and McKinsey partner Claudio Feser has determined that "half of all listed" companies disappear within a decade. Only every seventh company reaches the age of 30. In the case of consulting firms, the lifespan is even shorter.

GÖK confronts the challenges of the health care market. This is the only way to find out, what is expected from a great consulting firm. In 2020, we have "shed our skin" again: the new GÖK has as a goal to recognize the current contradictions and paradoxes of the health care system and to solve them for our clients. The simultaneous advocacy of innovation, technology and digitalisation is just as essential as the focus on the individual with his or her individual strengths and needs. Because consulting with outstanding expertise alone, but without empathy, will not be successful in the long run.

Our GÖK teams design strategies and concepts which do not only look good as a presentation.Our aim is to realise progress and technology and to organically convey the meaningfulness of the solution through active participation of the people in the design process. This is what our brand stands for!


Digital Health is not a buzzword, but a lived reality.
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The digital patient

You do not have a digital strategy yet? We are undergoing a radical change: Today, a highly equipped IT infrastructure forms the basis for effective and efficient processes in everyday clinical practice. Overall, we are steering towards a digitally influenced healthcare system. Our patient is complemented by a digital twin that supports diagnosis and treatment. Here, we must want to protect the patient's privacy at the same time as taking advantage of the unlimited opportunities offered by digital healthcare. Let us work together on this and get to know the digital patient!

Cornerstone No. 1: Strategy

We found that transformation, change and even disruption are not short-term shocks; they are a persistent processes in every company. Leading healthcare strategists, experienced experts from all fields, IT-specialists, data scientists and many other talents: Our teams support you in defining and continously update your unique transformation strategy.

Cornerstone No. 2: Organization

Process consulting is one of the core disciplines of GÖK Consulting. The success or failure of a company depends to a large extent on two things. An efficient and uncomplex processstructure, an effective and easy to understand organization. In the digital age, another question has to be answered. Which tasks can be automated, or at least supported by the machine? GÖK Consulting is maybe the only consulting firm in Germany, which combines their experiences in hospital process reengineering with modern knowlegde of RPA - Robot Process Automation.

Cornerstone No. 3: People

The success of healthcare facilities is directly dependent on the motivation and commitment of the employees. Nevertheless, we in management usually follow a rather mechanistic approach, with the human being as a functional component of a performance machine. Motivation and the will to perform develop from inner conviction, and this comes solely from the employees themselves. In our consulting, it is an important task to find ways to provoke and evoke exactly this will to motivation.

Cornerstone No. 4: Expertise

GÖK Consulting has developed over the years and has taken on more and more responsibility. Today, we advise board members, members of the executive committee, politicians, managing directors and other executives in the accomplishment of their tasks. In doing so, we found out that the range of the necessary knowledge is too wide to cover all answers completely on our own. For this reason, we have built up a worldwide network of excellent experts in almost all possible fields of knowledge. Our latest addition to the "GÖK network of experts" are the best specialists in the fields of telemedicine, AI and big data analytics.