Our largest business area is strategic purchasing.

As a link between suppliers and customers, we ensure the best solutions for the entire supply chain as competent consultants. All involved are involved. gök Consulting sees itself as an intermediary between the decision-makers and the users. With this understanding of our commercial approach, we have gained trust. We stand for the fact that all purchased goods and services have the best possible and lasting effect on the recovery of the patient. We pay attention to low failure rates. For this purpose, each product is evaluated for its functionality for practical use. In this way, we help ensure that the application process runs as safely and economically as possible. A meaningful controlling system will be introduced and contractually fixed.

We know that strategic purchasing cannot be measured by prices alone, but is consistently geared towards the security and economy of all processes. Also important for the lowest costs is our market overview, which we continuously update in our comparison database. The results we achieve are based on a clear, differentiated procurement strategy, process competence, tendering know-how and negotiation expertise.

We control procurement procedures involving doctors and nursing, from the tender to reviewing the offers to the correct selection decision.

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Our proven experience ensures the best conditions at

  • Development of concepts for material cost reduction and implementation support
  • Conducting screenings and benchmarking to position purchasing and for potential savings
  • Support for standardization and substitution with the aim of optimizing the product and supplier portfolio
  • Realization of award procedures
  • Implementation of negotiation and contract management
  • Optimization of strategic purchasing with reprocessing / reorganization
  • Integration of material cost controlling and data management
  • Implementation of portfolio management