Transact – Gesellschaft für Software & Analyze mbH

Transact, founded in 1994, specializes in the design and implementation of innovative software solutions in healthcare and other industries. Transact develops and implements software to support administrative processes and also offers individual consulting and integration services. The universal business intelligence platform QlikView serves as the basis for almost all work. A wide range of finished controlling solutions for all areas of the hospital are covered, particularly in the healthcare sector. In close consultation with the customer, Transact guarantees integrated solutions that exactly meet customer requirements

Wolfgang Foest

As a member of the supervisory board, Wolfgang Foest gök Consulting has been supporting procurement advice, process and organizational optimization, contract and negotiation management, and strategy development since 2012. With Mr. Foest as a former board member and partner, gök Consulting has developed into a leading strategic purchasing consultancy for large clinics and clinic groups in Germany and Austria in recent years. Before joining gök Consulting, the graduate engineer worked for 20 years in materials development and as a manager and authorized officer at SGL Carbon and Gaz de France.

Next Health

NextHealth stands with Dr. Stefan Drauschke and partners for actively accompanying change and development of top performers, managers and organizations in the sense of professional, systemic coaching and change management.

Here personal introspection and reflection of individuals play a role as well as empowering management teams, improving corporate communication and developing a versatile and resilient corporate culture. With a diverse mix of methods, NextHealth develops sustainable strategies in the sense of attractive, implementable “future constructions”. The specialty is large group conferences and artistic means.

In addition to university hospitals and hospitals, the references also include various companies in the private sector. He is also the chairman of the supervisory board of gök Consulting, which he founded. The change experts in the NextHealth team are trained trainers and coaches with a medical and commercial background and many years of professional experience as managers.