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Berlin – Date: April 05, 2020 – Topic

GÖK Initiative for a riskmanagement-portal for hospitals in times of Corona

Now that the development of treatment capacities in the facilities, and in particular the increase in the approximately 25,000 ventilation places available in Germany to date, is in full swing and the supply of protective materials will hopefully soon return to normal, other at least equally important issues are coming to the fore. Three days ago, the German Coalition for Patient Safety (Aktionsbündnis Patientensicherheit (APS)) called on health care institutions to include clinical risk management specialists in the corona pandemic crisis teams. As a general aid, Aktionsbündnis Aktionsbündnis provides current tips from the perspective of patient safety on the corona crisis on their homepage.

The Berlin-based GÖK Consulting GmbH goes one step further. “As a specialist for crisis and risk management, it is our task to provide help quickly and unconventionally”. “The risks in the individual facilities are specific, says Dr. Drauschke, himself a doctor and managing director of the company. In the end, places where concretely avoidable risks for patients and staff in the institution can arise are of course only known to insiders. He also refers here to the statement of Dr. Ruth Hecker, the long-standing head of the Department of Clinical Risk Management at the University Hospital in Essen and chairwoman of the APS.

However, it is also true that a situation like COVID-19 is completely new for all those involved and can only be solved through joint efforts. Risk management is no exception. “And by this we certainly mean a comprehensive approach to solving the problem from within the community and with regard to all the risks of everyday hospital life in the context of the crisis,” says Ulrich Pieper. As the managing director of GÖK Consulting and a recognised expert in the field of digitalisation in the health care system, he launched this initiative. Our programmer resources focus on the implementation of a coordinated risk management Portal for hospitals, whose functions, structures and results can be shared across the individual institution. This, of course, only applies if we get enough support for this initiative from the market. We would be happy to bear the development costs of the project if the application were widely supported, says the engineer, and is now addressing the stakeholders of the health care system in Germany with the concrete offer.
In addition to the APS, we invite all committees and specialists from the field to participate in the development, adds Dr. Drauschke. All in all, the aim is to make a meaningful contribution to overcoming the crisis and to ensure that ideas are followed by action.

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