GÖK and RAMPmedical cooperate to provide Digital Strategy in Healthcare

GÖK and RAMPmedical cooperate to provide Digital Strategy in Healthcare

Messages / GÖK and RAMPmedical cooperate to provide Digital Strategy in Healthcare

GÖK and RAMPmedical cooperate to provide Digital Strategy in Healthcare

Date: 22. february 2023 

Today, we are reaching out to you because we have noticed a relevant gap in digitization with regards to the FTB 4 (KHZG) in hospitals that we at GÖK Consulting would like to help you fill. Let’s get to know some background first:


Since the adoption of the KHZG law about 2.5 years ago, the digitization of hospitals has been in full swing, and according to the Federal Office for Social Security (BAS) (as of January 1, 2023), the approved funding volume of the 6,076 funding applications to date has amounted to 2.845 billion Euros. However, only 8.6% of all funding applications received fall under funding category (FTB) 4, which is two to three times less than the FTB 2, 3, 5, and 10, which are equally important. It appears that there is a gap in digitization in many hospitals.


The establishment of FTB 4, in terms of digital Clinical Decision Support systems (CDS), is more than sustainable and value-creating for every clinic. Scientific data shows that the use of CDS leads to a 68% increase in process and treatment quality, and significant efficiency gains.

To offer our clients individualized and best solutions for their digitization projects, we have entered into a partnership with Henisaja GmbH and their product RAMPmedical. RAMPmedical offers a highly innovative, EU-awarded CDS that meets 100% of the criteria of FTB4. The RAMP CDS reduces length of stay and re-hospitalization rates. The RAMP CDS is a Class 1 (MDD) medical device and provides certified and guideline-compliant algorithms for therapy combinations and AI-based therapy recommendations in the following indications: hypertension, type-2 diabetes mellitus, dyslipidemia, COVID-19 off-label therapies, and oncology. The RAMP CDS is currently supported by 21 use cases in the areas of diabetes and cardiology, covering guideline-compliant therapy recommendations for more than 30% of all hospital patients.

Furthermore, the current regulation still exists that from 2025, all hospitals, regardless of KHZG funding, must expect deductions of up to 2% of hospital revenue (§ 5 paragraph 3h KHEntgG) if the mandatory criteria are not met. Against this background, the requirements of FTB 4 and its implementation in your facility may need to be reviewed.

With our many years of experience in digitization in the healthcare sector, GÖK Consulting can now offer a comprehensive program for KHZG-compliant implementation of FTB4 together with our new IT partner, RAMPmedical, and close a gap in your digitization. Our services includes:

  • Preparation and development of digital strategy
  • Professional preparation and submission of  application (needs notification) for FTB 4
  • Provision of the service as an approved IT service provider
  • Turnkey implementation of FTB 4 together with RAMPmedical, including process digitization, IT implementation, introduction, hypercare
  • Project documentation, final settlement, use of funding evidence

By collaborating with GÖK, you can achieve successful and KHZG-compliant digitization, take advantage of the associated opportunities, and avoid penalties.

We would be happy to support and accompany you in this challenge. We would be happy to arrange a meeting to get to know each other and to clarify whether and how exactly we can contribute to your digital transformation.

For more information on the topic and our service offering, please refer to the attached product sheet (available in German only).

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