Positive response to the health campus in Bad Säckingen

Dr.-Ing. Jörg Risse in an interview with the Badische Zeitung

gök Consulting develops the concept for the Bad Säckinger health campus. The concept is beginning to take shape. Felix Held from the Badische Zeitung asked planner Jörg Risse about the current status.

BZ:Mr. Risse, there are obviously already some interested parties for the health campus. Would you have expected such a response?

Cracks: The response is very positive, especially as far as the breadth of feedback is concerned. For example, we received inquiries from medical practices, a rehabilitation facility and nursing facilities, as well as medical supply stores, short-term care and a caterer. The DRK intends to locate its lifeguard station on campus and a daycare center is planning a new location there. This breadth of feedback has surprised me positively. This is different from other comparable projects. This feedback also shows that there is a great need.

BZ:Where do the inquiries come from?

Cracks:More than 90 percent come from local or regional actors who are already based here, have their networks and want to settle on campus. This is typical of such a project.

Youcan read the complete interview here.

Holistic care for geriatric patients in the hospital

Stefanie Kolbe and Dr.-Ing. Jörg Risse 

Contribution in the anthology “Management of Health Regions IV” –

-planning of needs and holistic regional care and cooperation
(published April 2018 by Springer Verlag)

The demographic development makes geriatrics a growth area in acute inpatient care. Geriatric potential is currently unused in many hospitals. There is not inconsiderable additional revenue for hospitals, since the option of billing geriatric complex flat rates is not used for various reasons. In addition, the quality of treatment for older patients could be significantly improved through interdisciplinary geriatric care. One reason for this is the lack of structured screening to identify geriatric patients. On the other hand, the lack of an agreement on the internal allocation of services between the specialist departments involved in many places also helps to ensure that geriatric potential is not used.

About the anthology:
The focus of the fourth volume on the topic of health regions is the area of ​​outpatient care. The individual articles give an insight into current developments, problem areas, points of view, trends and future prospects and potentials.

More information about the anthology can be foundhere.