TOP Consultant 2021

Date: January 14, 2022 – Messages

With the support of Managermagazin and under the patronage of former German President, Christian, the best medium-sized business consultants are selected each year. GÖK competes in the second size category of the competition and was able to qualify for the eighth time in a row.

“Of course, it’s an honor to be recognized for achievements in the consulting market in such a sustained way,” says Stefan Drauschke, MD, managing partner of the company.

“We came very close to the top 3 places this year, which shows we are on the right track,” adds Dipl.-Ing. Ulrich Pieper. “Our positioning as an industry specialist and the quasi-family structure of our company gives us many advantages, including in competition with the large consulting firms, which leads to the fact that some of the so-called Big Five have entered into cooperations with us.” Ulrich Pieper is also the managing partner of GÖK Consulting GmbH.

As recently as 2020, GÖK was named the best consulting firm in the healthcare segment by Wirtschaftswoche.

ISO 9001:2015 Certificate

Date: January 13, 2022 – Messages

Worldwide, more than a million companies of various sizes and from various industries are certified according to DIN ISO 9001, but in the consulting industry we are surprisingly the exception.

GÖK has been the leading consulting company in the German-speaking healthcare sector for 30 years. ”We are proud of this long and successful company history”, emphasizes Dr. Stefan Drauschke, Managing Partner, ”however, we also feel an extraordinary responsibility for transformation in the industry”. From regional healthcare providers to university hospitals, executives rely on our know-how and expertise in the reorganization, digitization, turn-a-round, and change. An effective quality management system is indispensable for us to bundle the complex requirements and lead our customers to success. “It is important to be able to react flexibly and quickly to changes and wishes from customers and markets, and this is only possible if we ourselves are excellently organized.”

”This surprises us, but it is a fact”, adds Mr. Guntram Jackisch, Manager and Quality Management representative of the company.

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management

Dr. Stefan Drauschke will speak at BMC Congress 2022

Digital Forum B4 Green Health Care – the impact of climate change on healthcare systems.


With a large carbon footprint, the healthcare system contributes significantly to global warming. The Conference of Health Ministers has therefore been calling for targeted measures for energy refurbishment and energy saving since 2020. In addition to providing an up-to-date data base on resource consumption in hospitals, this forum addresses how reduction targets and budgetary incentives encourage entrepreneurial solutions and what healthcare can learn from grassroots movements like Fridays for Future.

Dr. Stefan Drauschke, Managing Director of GÖK Consulting GmbH and of NextHealth GmbH will participate in the Digital Forum “Green Health Care – the impact of climate change on health care systems”, which will take place during the BMC Congress 2022.

When: May 19 , 2022, 14:15 – 15:15

Where: Langenbeck-Virchow-Haus (Luisenstr. 58/59, 10117 Berlin) and digital

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Dr. Stefan Drauschke will Moderate the Entscheiderfabrik Congress.

Dr. med. Stefan Drauschke, Managing Director of GÖK Consulting GmbH and NextHealth GmbH, will moderate the workshop introduction round “Pitches on the main topics of the workshops” at the Entscheiderfabrik Congress on Hospital Management and Digital Transformation (Health Information Management Executives Leadership Summit) in Bad Kreuznach, Germany, starting at 12:45 pm.

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Dr. Stefan Drauschke is speaker at the 25th Symposium on Health Management


At the 25th Symposium on Health Management  Congress Center ,Marburg, Stefan Drauschke, MD, will give a presentation on “Digitalization = Transformation! How much change can the company take?”, presumably on Friday, April 29, 2022 from 09.00 – 09.45.

Untill February 28, 2022, you will receive a 10% early bird discount on ticket prices: Enter promotion code SGM25!

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Mr. Ulrich Pieper is a speaker at the National Health Quality Congress


Dipl. Ing. Ulrich Pieper will be the speaker at the National Health Quality Congress on November 26, 2021.

Due to the Corona pandemic, digitalization in hospitals has not only increased in importance, but also in speed and urgency. GÖK Consulting GmbH advises hospitals throughout Germany and DACH in the development of digitization strategies and the preparation of funding applications within the framework of the KHZG. This is less about IT and more about better medicine, process optimization and digital transformation, including the associated cultural change.
Quality-oriented processes in hospitals are the subject of Symposium 19 at the National Health Quality Congress.

Mr. Pieper will be speaking on the topic of “How can clinics successfully set up digital projects?” at Symposium 19 on November 26, 2021, starting at 12:00.

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Health Care Management Symposium: 2. Health Care Management Web Conference


On May 20, 2021, at 19:00 Dr. Stefan Drauschke, will summarize the discussions at the 2nd Healthcare Management Web Conference.

The digitization of the hospital does not only concern management and administration.

It will not succeed without the employees. And patients also need to be convinced of its benefits. The 90-minute online session aims to show you ways to the digital hospital through proven experts and practitioners. With concrete practical examples and insights, we want to shed light on these topics:

  • Challenges of digitalization for hospitals
  • Consequences for personnel management
  • Need to convince patients of the benefits of digitization.

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GÖK Consulting is Solution Partner at Smart Hospital Excellence Forum 2021.

As the deadline for applying for KHZG funding in some states is the middle of this year, we would like to give hospital managers the opportunity to receive detailed information on the topic of digitization in hospitals and how to apply for KHZG funding.

The Smart Hospital Panel livestream will take place on May 3, 2021 from 3:00-6:00 p.m.We look forward to meeting our new partners. All leaders are welcome to attend the event free of charge.

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Dr. Stefan Drauschke is Moderator at Entscheiderfabrik-Congress

Dr. Stefan Drauschke will be a presenter at the Entscheiderfabrik Congress -Health Information Executives Leadership Summit on May 19, 2021.

The Corona pandemic has not only increased the importance of digitization in hospitals, but also its speed and urgency. Together with GÖK Consulting, we accompany hospitals in the process of digital transformation and the application according to KHZG, with NextHealth as a sister company being responsible for change management and the cultural change process.
The challenges of digital transformation are the subject of eight thematic workshops at the Entscheiderfabrik congress. Stefan Drauschke, MD, will introduce the workshops with eight key topics on the overarching theme of “Transforming Healthcare in disruptive Time – strategic Health Information Management” on May 19, 2021, starting at 12:45 pm.

Read the article “From corporate strategy to digitization” to find out more about the congress. (In German Only)

TOP Consultant 2021

Datum: 14. Januar 2022 – News

Mit Unterstützung des Managermagazins und unter der Schirmherrschaft des ehemaligen Bundespräsidenten Christian Wulff werden jährlich die besten Mittelstandsberater ausgewählt. GÖK konkurriert in der zweiten Größenklasse des Wettbewerbs und konnte sich zum neunten mal in Folge qualifizieren. „Natürlich ist es eine Ehre so nachhaltig für die Leistungen am Beratungsmarkt ausgezeichnet zu werden“, sagt Dr. med. Stefan Drauschke, geschäftsführender Gesellschafter des Unternehmens. „Wir sind in diesem Jahr sehr nahe an die Top 3 Plätze herangerückt, dass zeigt wir sind auf dem richtigen Wege“, ergänzt Dipl.-Ing. Ulrich Pieper. „Unsere Aufstellung als Branchenspezialist und die quasi familiäre Struktur unseres Unternehmens geben uns viele Vorteile, u.a. auch im Wettbewerb mit den großen Beratungsgesellschaften, was dazu führt dass einige der sogenannten Big Five Kooperationen mit uns eingegangen sind“. Ulrich Pieper ist ebenfalls geschäftsführender Gesellschafter der GOK Consulting GmbH. Erst im Jahr 2020 wurde GÖK von der Wirtschaftswoche im Segment Healthcare zum besten Beratungsunternehmen gekürt.