Holistic care for geriatric patients in the hospital

Contribution in the anthology “Management of Health Regions IV” 

Contribution by Stefanie Kolbe and Dr. Jörg Risse for holistic care of geriatric patients in the hospital. For more information, see our “Publications

Counteract the shortage of skilled workers in the long term

The increasing competition for specialists in inpatient and outpatient areas is moving the German healthcare market strongly. Specialists in hospitals are becoming a scarce resource. Motivated and qualified employees are a key success factor. Fewer junior staff and at the same time an increasing need for medical and nursing services lead to a tense labor market situation and will affect the economic situation of the hospitals. 

For management and HR managers, this means that finding and retaining qualified employees is becoming increasingly important.

In addition to the reform in the supply of skilled workers required by politics and business, clinics must individually go new ways in order to present themselves as attractive employers and to meet the changed expectations of the skilled workers. Together with the clinics, gök Consulting develops sustainable solutions to reduce the need for skilled workers and to make working conditions more attractive, e.g. through flexible working time models, age-appropriate workplaces, further training or even optimized care processes.