Reorganization of purchasing and logistics

Hospitals are often faced with the challenge of implementing a cross-departmental concept for purchasing and logistics. Modern processes and clear organizational structures enable an increase in profitability and quality for this area. 

Detailed analyzes and potential assessments of the entire logistical processes and structures form the basis for a functioning, IT-supported logistics concept. In the foreground are integrated, interlinked process chains of all supply goods and a transparent overall company organization planning, which allow the mapping of complex structures.

gök Consulting supports hospitals during implementation with a comprehensive restructuring and future-oriented realignment of purchasing and logistics as a holistic concept.

Health campus Bad Säckingen: The hot phase begins

Press release in the Südkurier

The development of the Bad Säckingen Health Campus is entering a decisive phase. The economic valuation should be available by the end of the month. That means: Then it should be clear what the campus costs. This will also determine whether the existing hospital building will be renovated or whether there will be a new building.

What is the project status? The consulting company GöK-Consulting has determined the interest in the campus on behalf of the city and the district since the beginning of the year. (…) GöK developed a first area program from this (…).

Here is the detailed press release to read.