Change management – impulses for the leadership of people in the digital age

Dr.René Rottleb und Dr. med. Stefan Drauschke 

Principles for Cultural Change in Partnership
– Interview & Article Series –
Often enough, there is still a strong professional group-specific mindset in healthcare. In contrast, increasing digitalization and new, disruptive business developments pose new challenges for hospital management.
Food for thought is required, as Dr. med. Stefan Drauschke and Dr. Show René Rottleb from the perspective of an IT expert and from the perspective of a coach. Because new impulses are needed to guide people in the digital age.

The three-part series of articles on “change management” shows IT managers and clinic management ideas, solutions and implementation approaches.

In the coming issues of the Hospital IT Journal:
Part 1 – Reason and conception
Part 2 – Solutions
Part 3 – Implementation

You can watch the interview as a prelude to the topic and the series of articles here over time.

Hospital IT Journal, various editions 2017/2018

Reduction in material costs through strategic purchasing

Hartmut Ponßen, Nils Steinert, Richard Haine, Barbara Dubicki

The Insel Group in Bern was created in 2016 through the merger of Inselspital and Spitalnetz Bern AG. With its six locations with a graduated care model, the Insel Group is one of the leading providers of health services in Switzerland. The merger, together with the changing political and economic framework in the course of the introduction of the SwissDRG, forms the basis for the start of extensive projects for cost optimization in the Insel Group.

In addition to implementing modern logistics processes, the main focus is on reducing the costs of medical supplies. Together with gök Consulting as management consultancy, 11 sub-projects were initiated in two phases. In addition to lowering purchase prices, harmonizing and optimizing the product portfolio was an important part of the project, which was carried out in just under two years. The technical article presents the procedure and the results using the example of cardiology.

Homes and hospitals, October 2017 edition, pp. 22-23