Agile Crisis-Management

Date: January 07, 2021 – Topic

OKR in crisis-management – Objective and key results

In times of Corona, modern and agile tools are in demand to carry goals and subgoals into different business areas in crisis mode and to work through them promptly. One tool is attracting more and more attention here, namely “OKR”, which stands for Objectives and Key Results. It is about qualitative objectives and quantitative key results.

OKR was developed in the 1970s by the semiconductor manufacturer Intel and, like most agile methods such as Scrum or KanBan, originates from the digital business sector. The system received special attention when Google announced the management of the company with OKR.

What is hardly known is that the OKR method is particularly suitable for crisis management. In the political environment as well as at the level of the individual health care institution. Even the handling of crisis situations on a small scale, on the ward or in the treatment team can be excellently controlled with OKR and harmonised with other target levels.

Mrs. Dipl. Vw. Pia Drauschke (NextHealth GmbH), which specialises in change management, and Dr. Stefan Drauschke, Managing Director of GÖK Consulting GmbH, have published the topic “OKR” in the current column of KlinikMarktInside, which we have prepared for you here as a pdf download (German-language):

OKR – Google Organisation für das Management im Krisenfall